IRCC Will Begin Accepting PTE Core Results from February 12th!

Pearson recently announced the commencement of bookings for PTE Core, the latest addition to the English language proficiency testing landscape for Canadian Immigration. Having received approval from Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) last year, PTE Core now stands as another option, joining other prominent exams like IELTS General Training and CELPIP for individuals seeking proof of English language proficiency for permanent economic immigration to Canada or Canadian citizenship. The inaugural PTE Core tests are scheduled to kick off from February 12 onward. Eager to know which is best for migration among IELTS and PTE? Click here!

Similar to IELTS General Training, it will focus on vocational test takers, attempting to provide a real-life, non-academic orientation.

What is PTE Core and How Does it Compare to Other Tests

PTE Core shares many characteristics with PTE Academic, within the Pearson Test of English portfolio. As a two-hour, computer-based examination, PTE Core assesses four key English language skills – speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Given PTE Core uses a similar scoring scale to PTE Academic, it is expected that scoring equivalencies between IELTS General Training and PTE Core will be similar to PTE Academic and IELTS Academic. Below is how PTE Academic Currently Equates to IELTS Academic according to the PTE Website:

What PTE Core Scores Do I Need for Different Canadian Language Benchmark Levels

The Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) levels serve as a benchmark for assessing English proficiency in Canadian immigration. Here, our focus is on CLB level 7, the minimum score needed for Canadian immigration. We will explore how this benchmark aligns with minimum overall scores in English proficiency tests like IELTS General Training, CELPIP, PTE Core, TEF, and TCF for Canadian immigration, providing comprehensive insights for prospective immigrants.

CLB ScoreOverall IELTS GT ScoreOverall CELPIP ScoreOverall PTE ScoreOverall TEF ScoreOverall TCF Score
767Reading: 60 – 68, Writing: 69 – 78, Listening: 60 – 70 and Speaking: 68 – 75Reading: 434 – 461, Writing: 428 – 471, Listening: 434 – 461 and Speaking: 456 – 493Reading: 453 – 498, Writing: 10 – 11, Listening: 458 – 502 and Speaking: 10 – 11

Understanding PTE Core Test Score Equivalency with CLB Levels

The language requirements for PTE Core and IELTS General Training, equivalenced with the CLB levels, are matched in the following table.

CLB LevelIELTS GT ReadingPTE Core ReadingIELTS GT WritingPTE Core WritingIELTS GT ListeningPTE Core ListeningIELTS GT SpeakingPTE Core Speaking
32.524 – 32332 – 403.518 – 27334 – 41
43.533 – 41441 – 504.528 – 38442 – 50
5442 – 50551 – 59539 – 49551 – 58
6551 – 595.560 – 685.550 – 595.559 – 67
7660 – 68669 – 78660 – 70668 – 75
86.569 – 776.579 – 877.571 – 816.576 – 83
9778 – 87788 – 89882 – 88784 – 88
10888 – 907.5908.589 – 907.589 – 90

Currently Accepted English Language Proficiency Tests for Canadian Immigration

In the landscape of English language proficiency tests for Canadian immigration, established names such as IELTS and CELPIP have been the primary choices for applicants. Now, with the recent inclusion of Pearson Test of English Core (PTE Core), individuals have even more options to demonstrate their language proficiency for immigration purposes.

As we navigate through the array of choices, it’s worth noting that IELTS General Training continues to maintain its widespread acclaim as a globally recognised and trusted examination, offering applicants a reliable method to showcase their linguistic abilities. Additionally, PTE Core can only be taken for Canadian immigration, unlike other language proficiency tests like IELTS General Training. Explore the comprehensive guide to English proficiency tests accepted in Canada for a deeper understanding of the available options.

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